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Devizes Constituency is extremely large geographically, taking in the towns of Devizes, Marlborough and Tidworth, plus many villages and hamlets in between. At the last election in 2015, voter turnout was 70% and the Green Party, represented by Emma Dawnay, obtained almost 6% of the vote. We are pleased to announce that Emma is our candidate again this year. We hope to build on her success by campaigning against a hard brexit and calling for a referendum on the final deal. We believe that the EU protects environmental and workers' rights and has ensured peace in Europe for the past 60 years. A hard brexit will damage our economy, lead to job losses and many more years of austerity.
We are also fighting against further privatisation of our local NHS, in the light of Virgin Care's recent takeover of children's services in Wiltshire. 
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Air pollution due to the heavy traffic that is congesting our town centres in Devizes and Marlborough, is also a key concern. We have ensured that the air quality monitoring equipment was repaired and have been lobbying Wiltshire Council to introduce 20 mph speed limits in urban areas to keep our children safe and reduce toxic emissions from stop-start traffic.
Green Party policies are concerned with protecting the environment and putting people rather than profits first:
  • Fossil-free energy to protect the planet.
  • Free quality education to reduce student debt.
  • Better public transport to reduce congestion and improve employment opportunities. 
For more information about Green Party please see the 2017 Local Elections video and for policies, please go to Green Party | What We Stand For


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